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Today, We will be reviewing the Alchemy of Soul.

Here is a review from MIGT Movie Team.!

When I first saw the title on Netflix, I thought it was intriguing, so I began watching in August! Normally, I prefer to read books, but I’ve been captivated by KDrama for the last two years and find myself addicted to watching when great dramas arrive, such as this one! The Alchemy of Souls combined humour, magic, swordsmanship action, history, love, and friendship with the beauty of nature’s surroundings! The scenery is breathtaking! The rivers and, oh, you’d love those trees and mountains; they’d bring back happy memories!

The drama unfolds the current life of the soul shifter Naksu in the body of another human being, Mu deok, and becomes the main character, serving as the training Master of Jang Uk, one of the mage’s son who has a fascinating story from birth that grew up almost abandoned by his physical father, but reasons are kept within him not to be unraveled for his protection.

Alchemy of Souls   Audience Review (NaijaGoal)

Apparently, when these two, Jang UK and Mudeok, were born, there was the presence of the Star that symbolized power, and they may have been destined to save the land of Dae Ho from the evil surrounding the sorceries and soul shifters, which is becoming more apparent and uncontrollable to those who have succumbed to power in order to live an eternal life!

Along with these two, Mages had good friends, even with the presence of the crown prince, who seemed to behave well and well!

Alchemy of Souls   Audience Review (NaijaGoal)

There are some episodes in the drama that will have you laughing nonstop, while others will have you in tears! So, ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves as the drama unfolds the fate of NAKSU and Mudeok herself, with her great powers unearthed, which may become more interesting as her relationship with Jang UK deepens!

I couldn’t wait for the next episode!
Actually, as an ICU nurse in London, I couldn’t help but watch a few minutes during my lunch break to relax myself!

So, cheers to the year’s best drama!
You’ve got me, Alchemy of Souls!

By: Michelle Alarkon

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