Apple Hacking Alert: How to Update iOS and Mac Devices to Keep Data Safe

Apple urged users to update their iOS and macOS software this week after discovering that hackers may have exploited flaws in the systems.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the company published online documents about the security threat, noting that hackers could gain control of a device via “maliciously crafted web content.”

Apple Hacking Alert: How to Update iOS and Mac Devices to Keep Data Safe (NaijaGoal)
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In a Thursday statement, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the operational component of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tasked with protecting the nation’s cybersecurity, also directed Apple users to update their software.

What Kinds of Devices Are Affected?
The flaws, according to Apple, affect all iPhones dating back to the 6S model, as well as the iPad 5th generation and later, the iPad Air 2 and later, the iPad mini 4 and later, all iPad Pro models, and the 7th generation iPod touch. Monterey OS and the Safari browser on Big Sur and Catalina operating systems were also reported to be vulnerable on Mac computers.

Updates are currently available to address the flaws:

  • For phones, users need to install iOS 15.6.1.
  • iPad users should upgrade their devices to iPadOS 15.6.1.
  • Those with Mac computers need macOS Monterey 12.5.1.
Apple Hacking Alert: How to Update iOS and Mac Devices to Keep Data Safe (NaijaGoal)
In this photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook (R) is seen looking at a newly redesigned MacBook Air laptop during the WWDC22 at Apple Park on June 06, 2022, in Cupertino, California. Apple this week urged users to update their devices to address flaws that may be exploited by hackers. PHOTO BY JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES

Apple users have likely already seen notifications popping up on their screens alerting them to update their devices. These notifications should direct people to directions on how to install updates or set up automatic downloads and installs.

How To Upgrade Software

To manually upgrade software, users should first make sure they have the batteries on their devices charged to at least 50 percent. If not, an upgrade can still be installed if the device is plugged in. An internet connection will also be necessary.

Once those steps are addressed:

  • iOS users should next go to the “Settings” app on the device and click “General.”
  • Tap on “Software Update” and the option for the new software should be a visible option.
  • Click on “Install Now.”
  • Be mindful that the installation may take several minutes.

The directions for Mac computers are similar and carry the same power and internet connection requirements:

  • Instead of “Settings,” go to “System Preferences.” If you can’t find “System Preferences” on your desktop, go to the Apple menu in the corner of your screen. (It’s marked by a symbol of an apple.)
  • Next, click the “Software Update” option, which will then lead to “Update Now” or “Upgrade Now.” Users may have to restart their computers or enter an administrator password.

In the event that a software update isn’t found in “System Preferences,” use the “Search” function in the corner of the window and search for “software update.”

Though Apple only listed macOS Monterey, iOS and iPadOS as being susceptible to hackers due to software vulnerabilities, it may not be a bad idea for Apple Watch users and Apple TV owners to make sure they have the latest versions of watchOS and tvOS.

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