Atiku Asks President Buhari To Sign Nigeria Startup Bill When NASS Passes It

Atiku: I commend the @HouseNGR and @NGRSenate for their bipartisan efforts in passing the Nigeria Startup Bill, and I call upon the President to sign the Bill into law.

The Nigerian start-up space is one of the largest in Africa, and Nigeria has become a key destination on our continent for Tech talent, with the ICT sub-sector contributing approximately 18.44% of Nigeria’s GDP as of the end of Q2 in 2022.

The ICT industry is a critical part of my national development plan and framework to ensure economic growth and diversification in the coming years.

My administration intends to enthrone a disruptive economic agenda that will position ICT at the forefront of our policy development strategy and ensure that digital technologies and innovations in ICT, and IT-enabled products and services,

are given an enabling environment to drive and help build our new digital economy, notably in areas such as E-commerce, IT manufacturing, ICT enabled outsourcing, the broader start-up ecosystem and other emerging technologies.

Atiku Asks President Buhari To Sign Nigeria Startup Bill When NASS Passes It (NaijaGoal)

My administration will ensure that the gap is bridged between established/Start-up Tech companies and the nation’s regulators to provide a thriving tech ecosystem that enhances competitiveness, innovation and job growth for our growing youth population.

I had previously outlined in my policy document and my recent Arise Interview, the need to transition into an E-government system to reduce expenditure costs, improve workflow management, service delivery and overall efficiency.

This shift will also provide opportunities for the ICT industry to innovate and develop solutions for government digital services as we build a new and enhanced futuristic economy. -AA

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