Cuttputlli Movie Explained: Why does the Killer Murder School Girls?

Remaking south Indian films has been a trend in Bollywood since the 1970s. Great scripts and meaty roles have always inspired many Hindi film directors to pursue these projects from the South. Cuttputlli (what an odd way to spell the word that means a puppet) starring Akshay Kumar is a remake of the Tamil film Ratsasan, which means Demon.

An audience digs a good crime thriller. It’s an added bonus if the story maintains some kind of suspense throughout. However, the lack of originality and an unclear vision of how to approach these stories has mostly resulted in a complete failure of such movies in 2022. Of course, a few notable films might have made some head turn, but I wouldn’t call those films great work that caters to genre enthusiasts.

Cuttputlli Movie Explained: Why does the Killer Murder School Girls? (NaijaGoal)

Coming back to Cuttputlli, the film could have accomplished so much if only the creators had put their best foot forward in retelling the story of a serial killer seeking vengeance. What we get instead, is a bland representation of a possibly good crime story, that will only cater to the less casual movie-watching audiences.

In the following piece, I talk about what happens in Cuttputlli, looking at its plot and ending in detail. The article contains spoilers, hence read it at your discretion.

Cuttputlli Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Cuttputlli begins with an ironic conversation where two men on a morning walk are talking about the reduced crime rate due to the upcoming election in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh. However, they soon find a dead girl’s corpse when their dog picks up the foul smell. The news spreads like wildfire and the people of the town gradually grow scared of the presence of a potential serial killer who is on a spree of killing young school-going girls.

We are soon introduced to Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar), who has always had an inclination to study the psychology of serial killers. Being the son of a police officer, he would often have access to different cases his father was involved in. Hence, post his graduation, Arjan started to work on a screenplay involving them, but is rejected by several movie producers who mostly complain about the lack of comedy scenes that can tingle their desired audiences.

Cuttputlli Movie Explained: Why does the Killer Murder School Girls? (NaijaGoal)

During a home visit to celebrate Rakhi, his sister and brother-in-law coerce him to take a job in the police force. Disappointed by the constant rejections, he agrees to accept the position offered on compensatory grounds. After a written examination and thorough training, Arjan Sethi joins as a Junior Superintendent in the same branch of Kasauli where his brother-in-law is posted in. However, nobody takes him seriously and assigns him odd errands of buying stationeries for the police station instead.

Cutputlli is an amazing movie! The story, plot, locations, acting by everyone was so amazing. You shouldn’t miss watching this great movie and I loved it

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