How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer

Consider that you are using your computer. You want to install a handy Android app that you’ve found. However, since the phone is not closed, you must move in order to install that program. Tiresome. There are techniques for remotely installing apps on your Android phone from your laptop, which is a blessing. Even without having to upload the APK files to your Android phone, you can install them by sideloading them. Here’s how.

How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer (NaijaGoal)

Simple method:

How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer (NaijaGoal)

1. Log in to the Play Store on your phone using your Gmail account.

2. Log in to the Playstore website on your PC using the same Gmail account.

3. Now that your PC and phone are connected to the Internet, click install on any program on your PC’s play store site, and the app will begin downloading and installing on your phone.

The nerd way:

How to Install Apps on Android from a Computer (NaijaGoal)

1. Install the Android SDK on your Windows or Linux computer.

2. Connect your phone to your PC using a data cord and enable the developer’s option on your phone.

3. On your phone, enable USB debugging and allow fake location settings.

4. There is now a tool named ADB. Look for it in the Android SDK.

5. On your Linux PC, open the terminal (called cmd prompt on Windows) and execute the ADB program, such as this ADB device.

Your device should be listed.

6. Get the apk file for any program you wish to install.

7. To install it on your phone, do adb install app.apk.


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