How to Register for NYSC Mobilization

Prospective Corps Members whose name appeared on the NYSC senate list are hereby directed to visit the NYSC portal to register for their NYSC mobilization. Prospective corps members whose name did not appear on the senate list will not be allowed to register for the NYSC mobilization. Keep in mind that only PCM who have duly registered for the NYSC mobilization will be called up for service.

How to Register for NYSC Mobilization (NaijaGoal)

So although your name may be on the NYSC senate list, if you do not register for the NYSC mobilization on the NYSC portal, you will not be deployed for service. I’m sure you already know the importance of service in the NYSC scheme, and the demerits that comes with not serving. That’s why in today’s post, I’ll be showing you how to register for the NYSC mobilization online.

How to Register for NYSC Mobilization

Prospective Corps Members whose name appear on the NYSC senate list are hereby advised to follow the instructions below to register for the NYSC mobilization:

  1. Visit the NYSC registration portal via https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/
  2. Click on Create an Account
  3. Fill the NYSC bio-data form displayed on the screen to access your NYSC dashboard
  4. Provide the required documents, and upload on the portal JAMB Result
  5. Get your biometric data captured for confirmation and verification
  6. Click on Submit to submit your NYSC application
  7. Your NYSC registration slip will be displayed on the screen. Print it out
  8. Wait to receive your NYSC Call-up letter.

Note: The NYSC Mobilization registration is FREE. However you will be required to pay N2,500 to get your NYSC Call-up number.

Requirements for the NYSC Mobilization

To register for the NYSC mobilization, you must first meet the following requirements.

  1. The NYSC registration/mobilization can only be carried out at the following websites:
    1. https://www.nysc.gov.ng
    2. Https://nysc.org.ng
    3. Https://portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. All Prospective Corps Members (PCM) are required to have a functional email address, and phone number. These will be used as your login details into the NYSC portal. Npower Recruitment
  3. All PCMs must provide their correct Matriculation number
  4. Only those whose name appear on the NYSC Senate/Academic Board Approved lists will be allowed access to register on the NYSC portal
  5. For foreign based graduates, you will be required to provide some information which will be made known to you on the portal
  6. If any of the documents you provide are fake, you will be demobilized and decamped from the service and handed over to Law Enforcement Agencies.
  7. The required passport photograph for the NYSC registration must meet the following specifications:
    1. Ensure your face is erect and your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and jaw are fully showing without bending
    2. The passport photograph must be centralized and fill the frame. Register NYSC Mobilization
    3. The background of your passport photograph mist be white or off-white with no shadow
  8. No prospective corps member should register by proxy, as the biometric data will also be verified at the orientation camps. PCMs who’s biometric data cannot be verified will not be registered at the camp.
  9. Prospective Corps Members who wish to have their call-up numbers sent to them via SMS, and print their call-up letters online are required to pay the sum of N2,786.24 WAEC Result
  10. PCMs who do not wish to pay the N2,786.24 will be required to visit their tertiary institution to collect their call up numbers and call up letters. Top 10 Notable Cases of Banditry in Nigeria
  11. All PCMs who paid for the online registration/mobilization before, and we’re not mobilized do not need to pay for the registration process again
  12. All married female PCMs are required to upload copies of their marriage certificate, evidence of their change of name, and their husbands place of residence during the online registration
  13. The NYSC orientation camp is not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Hence, PCMs who fall into this category will not be accommodated.
  14. All PCMs who graduated from tertiary institutions in the following Geo-political zone, can contact the following telephone numbers if you are faced with any challenges related to mobilization
    1. South South – 08102790538
    2. South East – 08092142614
    3. South West – 09038034460
    4. North Central – 08092142661
    5. North West – 08092142616
    6. North East – 07018836388
  15. Part-time graduates are required to register online and print their exclusion letter online
  16. All foreign trained graduates are required to make use of Nigerian phone number for their NYSC registration.

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