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Manchester United legend facing €1500 lawsuit over ‘homophobic’ comments

Patrice Evra is set to stand trial at the Paris Police court over a remark on his social media.

Manchester United legend facing €1500 lawsuit over ‘homophobic’ comments (NaijaGoal)
Patrice Evra will reportedly stand trial in a Paris Court over previous homophobic remarks

Evra made a controversial post on his social networks following Manchester United’s victory over Paris St Germain in the UEFA Champions League in March 2019.

After the defeat of the French club, Evra launched an insult aimed at former PSG player Jérôme Rothen, with a comment that read: “Paris, you are fags, you are PDs… Here, it is the men who speak.”

The former Manchester United defender and captain, is now set to be tried on Monday, October 17, 2022, at the Paris Police court over homophobic remarks according to a report from Le Parisien.

However, Evra then posted a new message to apologize, ensuring that he was not homophobic.

Manchester United legend facing €1500 lawsuit over ‘homophobic’ comments (NaijaGoal)

But the associations Mousse and Stop Homophobia, supported by the anti-homophobia collective Rouge Direct, had filed a complaint, indicting him for “public insult to a group of people because of their sexual orientation”.

The report adds that the former France international had acknowledged before the judge that he had made the disputed remarks, referring to the facts that would have taken place on March 15, 2019, “the date of the birthday of footballer Paul Pogba”.

In his referral order to the trial dated May 5, the investigating judge believes that Patrice Evra “sworded in a private framework for the production of a video that was then published on Snapchat without his knowledge”.

As per the report, the non-public insult inva’s in court now causes Patrice Evra to pay a fine of €1,500, and earned him to appear on Monday morning, October 17, before the Paris police court.

If the violation of public insult had been retained, Patrice Evra would have appeared before the correctional court and would have been liable to one year’s imprisonment of a fine of €45,000.

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