Movie: Carter 2022 Netflix Korean Action Movie Review

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If you enjoy hardcore Asian (or Korean) action films, I strongly advise you to watch this one. You will experience a heart-pounding thrill ride from the moment it begins.

Movie: Carter 2022 Netflix Korean Action Movie Review (NaijaGoal)

The action stunts and chasing sequences are so well-crafted and perfectly timed that you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the climax.

Joo Won plays an amnesiac agent who lost his memory while on a special secret mission. Before appearing in this film, Joo served in the South Korean military for nearly two years, until his discharge in 2019. As a result, he is ideal for this agent-oriented role.

The story is engaging and has great potential because it is creative. With a little more room to explore and tie in the story pieces, we can identify more with Carter’s dilemma, and we can treasure more with a clear mind, as can be dizzy for viewers, we can see clearly the beautiful action sequence as they pull in.

Movie: Carter 2022 Netflix Korean Action Movie Review (NaijaGoal)

I hope this becomes a new era action classic; I’ve never seen an action film as spectacular as this one; it uses the suspense of the storyline to make the action more sexy and appealing, and it’s an unavoidable deployment of such survival actions.

This one is strictly for those who only like and enjoy action movies, so set your logic aside and enjoy its hardcore action scenes. You will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Thank you to Netflix for making this film available.

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