Nasty Blaq Slams Fave’s Reaction To ‘Machala’ Song Removal, SEE

The industry has yet to put an end to the removal of Machala’s songs, and while singer Fave had something to say about it this time around, Nasty Black issued a statement to the contrary. Follow the deployment below.

Nasty Blaq Slams Fave’s Reaction To ‘Machala’ Song Removal, SEE (NaijaGoal)

Headies Awards Rookie of the Year and Baby Riddim crooner, Fave has gotten countered by comedian Nasty Blaq for a statement she made regarding the disagreement that led to the removal of Carter Efe and Beri Tiga’s Machala song.

Fave had shared her opinion on Twitter saying; “Comedian no be artiste lol. Took the boy’s song smh. Write song if na so e easy!” While her statement had garnered several reactions mostly in agreement with her, popular comedian Nasty Blaq wasn’t with it and soon responded by quoting her tweet with a counter statement. Nasty said; “Artiste no be comedian do NUMBER ONE IF EASY”

Nasty Blaq Slams Fave’s Reaction To ‘Machala’ Song Removal, SEE (NaijaGoal)

His statement likewise got numerous reactions with several Twitter users pointing out that Fave has indeed held the number one spot with her Baby Riddim hit and her Riddim 5 EP.

Beri Tiga and Carter Efe’s Machala collaboration became a hot topic on social media following its removal from streaming platforms due to both parties inability to agree on individual input which affects the splitting of royalties.

Nasty Blaq who’s a popular social media comedian and skit maker like Machala collaborator, Carter Efe is a close associate to the latter and the duo have appeared in several of their skits together.

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