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Premier League Player To Miss FIFA World Cup 2022 For Portugal

Another premier league player is set to miss the FIFA World Cup 2022 for Portugal due to a serious calf muscle injury.

Premier League Player To Miss FIFA World Cup 2022 For Portugal (NaijaGoal)
FIFA World Cup

It has been confirmed that another premier league player will not be available to play for Portugal at the FIFA World Cup 2022, scheduled for kick-off on the 20th of November, as he will miss out due to injury.

Jurgen Klopp, in his pre-match conference, confirmed that Diogo Jota would not be available to play for Portugal and Liverpool due to a calf muscle injury. This was confirmed today, Tuesday, October 18, 2022, ahead of Liverpool’s midweek fixture on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

really not good news about Diogo. Yes, he will miss the World Cup. [It’s a] pretty serious injury in the calf muscle and now the recovery process starts. That’s it pretty much. That is the first diagnosis, which was pretty clear, and all the rest will now follow in the next few days. It is very sad news for the boy, and for us as well of course [and] for Portugal.

[It will have a] big impact. So now we can say that because he will not be in for a long time; we talk about months.

So, we will see. I don’t want to put now a number on it because I always hope in the middle of the rehab there is a very positive development and we can cut days off the rehab phase, but it will be long.”

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