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Qatar2022: World Cup Boss Makes Shocking Revelation About the Migrant Workers that Died

Head of the Qatari World Cup team, Hassan Al-Thawadi has made a revelation about the number of migrants that died in preparation for the competition.

Qatar2022: World Cup Boss Makes Shocking Revelation About the Migrant Workers that Died (NaijaGoal)

He made this revelation in an interview on Piers Morgan’s uncensored television show which was released on the internet on Monday, November 28th, 2022. The World Cup has been shadowed by a lot of controversies since the hosting rights were awarded to Qatar in December 2010.

One of the biggest controversies has been surrounding the treatment of migrant workers involved in the infrastructure of the tournament. It was reported in February 2021 that 6,500 migrant workers had lost their lives in Qatar since they were awarded the World Cup.

The estimate is around 400, between 400-500. I do not have the exact number, that’s something that’s been discussed. One death is a death too many, plain and simple. I think every year the health and safety standards on the sites are improving, at least on our sites. The World Cup sites that we were responsible for, most definitely to the extent that you’ve got trade unions – representatives of the German trade union, representatives of the Swiss trade union have commended the work that’s been done on the World Cup sites and the improvement.

This World Cup has been centered around a lot of off-the-field situations but that has not stopped the players from giving football fans amazing football.

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