See What Madonna Said To Rema About His Show

Like Thanos and the infinity rings, Rema continues to rack up cosigns and pop icon, Madonna has joined the list. Read what the singer had to say about the Raver champ’s show below:

See What Madonna Said To Rema About His Show (NaijaGoal)
Rema & Madonna

After the success of his New York performance, Madonna met backstage with Nigeria’s Raver champion and young music sensation, Rema, and had glowing remarks for the star’s performance.

In a video that has gone viral, the two are seen sharing a warm hug, after which Madonna asks if the star had a good time, saying, “I’m very proud of you and I love you.” You’re a fantastic performer.” Rema also expressed his admiration for the pop Queen, calling her an inspiration to him.

Since early August, the Raves and Roses creator has been touring the United States, thrilling fans in various cities and states. He’d previously shared a similar moment with Selena Gomez at his Los Angeles show, hinting at their upcoming collaboration on his Calm Down remix.

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