Tasha K Responds To Cardi B In A Scathing Instagram Live

Tasha K, a YouTube vlogger, is adamant that she won’t hand over any of the $1.25 million judgment until she has exhausted all appeals. Due to the fact that Cardi B is still awaiting payment from Tasha K despite having won a $1.25 million defamation lawsuit against the blogger earlier this year, the two have been exchanging barbs on social media.

Tasha K Responds To Cardi B In A Scathing Instagram Live (NaijaGoal)
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The jury held Tasha K accountable for defamation, false light violation of privacy, and intent to cause emotional distress; she was found guilty and sentenced to pay the rapper $4 million in damages.

Cardi hopped in the comments section of a post on the Neighbourhood Talk of a screenshot of the NYC rapper liking a tweet about lawsuits. The tweet said suing people was only a problem with Cardi doing it.

Cardi said, “I don’t care what y’all think. Because I’m willing to wager that when a woman lied about my health, the health of my father and mother, and tormented all of my friends and family, the same individuals who commented on that incident also called me weak and sensitive and said I needed tougher skin. I fought for THIS while other people cackled.

Tasha responded to Cardi by posting a critical live on Instagram in her direction.

Watch below;

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