Things That Will Happen If Queen Elizabeth Eventually Die

Queen Elizabeth II is dying.

A closest family rushed to Scotland on Thursday, after doctors placed the 96-year-old monarch under medical supervision, prompting concern from British political and religious leaders.

Britain’s longest-serving monarch has been dogged by health problems since last October that have left her struggling to walk and stand.

Her children – heir to the throne Prince Charles, 73, Princess Anne, 72, Prince Andrew, 62,andPrince Edward, 58, were either already at or quickly headed to Balmoral after the announcement.

They were joined by Charles’s elder son Prince William plus his younger son Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, who have been on a rare visit to Britain after abandoning royal life to move to the United States.

All human beings will pass one day. But below are things that will happen when the Queen eventually passes.

1. Prince Charles becomes king.

2. Anthem is changed from God save the Queen to God save the King.

3. Comedy shows will be cancelled for 12 days.

4. The current notes and coins would slowly withdrawn from circulation. King Charles will be on new notes.

5. There are ready made stories about her life & will be released. BBC staff have black suits ready to change into anytime.

6. London stock market will close for a day.

7. There will be 12 days of mourning but only her funeral date will be a national holiday.

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