Third-Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time

There are many video games available (The Best Third-Person Shooters), and the variety has never been bigger than it is now thanks to home and mobile gaming. In order to find the “Best of” for any chosen topic, how do you filter through the clutter? We’re here to assist celebrate and bring attention to some of the most recent, best, and memorable video games.

Our focus this time is on the The Best Third-Person Shooters ever created for our ongoing series of articles highlighting the best video games. There is a good selection to whet your taste, from hectic shooters to whimsical adventures.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll get them added on!

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Fortnite – Third-Person Shooters

One of the top free-to-play and live-service video games is Fortnite. This game has fantastic gameplay modes, beloved characters from many media, a developing storyline, and a fair battle pass system. It doesn’t seem like the Epic Games team will give up on this game anytime soon given its constantly expanding gaming community and constant upgrades.
Despite offering a variety of play types, the battle royale game in Fortnite is its primary draw. This game option allows for squad, solo, duo, treble, and group play. You board the recognizable Battle Bus from Fortnite and travel to a sizable island with a variety of locations, topography, and vistas, either by yourself or with friends. Whether you’re in a team or not, you have to decide where to land.
When you’ve located a, You will press a button that will cause you to exit the bus quickly. The struggle for survival starts as soon as you get on the island. You may utilize a variety of cool tools and weapons to fight opponents in Fortnite. This game offers a wide variety of inventive and unusual weaponry, from a basic SMG to a bundle of pyrotechnics.
Because of its crafting and construction mechanics, It is well-known. Using this mechanism, you can construct defensive and practical structures to shield you from enemy fire or assist you in navigating the map’s challenging terrain. The game’s “No Build Mode” is often preferred by players to this, yet the construction system is what gave the game its distinct flavor and appeal.

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Army of Two: The 40th Day – Third-Person Shooters

Army of Two: The 40th Day feels like an action-packed third-person shooter with a lot of spunk. It leaves players with the same satisfying feeling they receive after watching an incredible B-level action film. This game is a wonderful sequel to the original 2008 title.

Even though the basics are the same, the controls and gameplay feel more advanced and fresh. For instance, the customizing mechanism in this game is superior, and everything has a bigger feeling. Some of features include the ability to adjust your melee attacks for particular gear and more weapon modification options.

While you cannot alter your weaponry while engaged in combat, allowing players greater options for customization enables them to create distinctive gaming experiences. The 40th Day maintains the two-player campaign strategy, but it feels improved.

Unfortunately, you’ll be using the same flanking and distraction techniques throughout the game. The 40th Day, on the other hand, introduces a fantastic enemy tag system that lets you track an adversary’s movements and whereabouts.

The Best Third-Person Shooters

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

The Gears of War Franchise

If Halo was Microsoft’s answer to first-person shooter games, then Gears of War feels like their response to third-person shooter titles. Both games have gone through their share of changes over the years. However, they retain the same hardcore and adrenaline-enhancing energy with each installment.

Although many loved drawing comparisons between the two shooters, Gears of War has a ton of material that makes it stand on its own. First off, Gears of War is more violent and gory than Halo. The grimier post-apocalyptic backdrop and severe weapon design of the franchise are to blame for this.

In Gears of War, you can carry out actions that show you chainsawing an enemy’s limbs or using normal weapons to blow much of their bodies off. This is what gives the battle its character and flair. It appeals to individuals who favor physically destroying adversaries. With this game’s cover mechanic, defensive play is prioritized more so than offensive play. You may plan your moves more precisely and succinctly as a result.

Their personalities are wonderful, and they play off each other well. If you’re looking for a grittier third-person shooter title with astounding weapons and main characters, check out the Gears of War franchise.

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Resident Evil 4 – Third-Person Shooters

Resident Evil 4 is an unbelievable third-person shooter game and an astounding entry in the Resident Evil franchise. This game offers impressive gameplay mechanics that feel rewarding and fun. The world feels more atmospheric and dreadful to traverse.

This game will have you traveling to various locations with the main objective of assisting Leon S. Kennedy in rescuing the president’s daughter. Each region has an eerie atmosphere and is tense to explore. The game’s antagonists come in a variety of creepy and inventive varieties.

You’ll come across everything from hideous ogre-like animals to deranged villagers. Because these foes are difficult, it’s crucial to maximize every assault. The game’s stunning cutscenes and character-driven events give it a somewhat more cinematic feel.

In this game, you can use everything from common pistols to potent rocket launchers and sniper rifles. There are traders in the game so you may buy better equipment and weaponry. Resident Evil 4 adds some quality of life components like being able to save your game at multiple typewriters without a ribbon, too.

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Mass Effect 2

Although many are decisive over Mass Effect 3’s ending, these games delivered a wonderful sci-fi storyline full of interesting characters. The second game is regarded as the best entry for how it improves upon the first game in multiple ways.

Players in Mass Effect 2 have a tailored experience. There is lots to explore with it, from its alternative storylines to its excellent fighting. The second game merely needed to strengthen the first’s weaker areas; unlike the third game, it was not required to fulfill all of the promises made. As a result, the creators had more time to devote to developing the environment and the main characters.

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The cast of characters in this game is endearing and fun. Each character stands out by having a unique set of quests and personality. The connections you make with the supporting characters are unforgettable and feel real. Fans of this game like more than just the plot and characters in it.

Mass Effect 2’s combat received a fantastic overhaul. It doesn’t receive total refinement until the third installment, but the second game sets up the groundwork nicely. You can choose to participate in traditional third-person shooter combat or opt for a more tactical RPG approach.

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Dead Space

Dead Space is an incredible third-person shooter horror game. This game features a terrifying space-like adventure that’s wrapped around thrills and mystery. Dead Space’s storyline is engrossing and rich and comes packed with many plot twists while maintaining a spooky atmosphere.

You take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer, in this survival horror. He is on board the USG Ishimura, a dilapidated and abandoned flagship. He learns that the ship’s previous crew has been killed and infected while on a repair trip. Isaac must solve numerous riddles, repair the ship, and battle terrifying Necromorphs as he attempts to escape.

The gameplay of Dead Space is exciting and demanding. The game shares Resident Evil 4’s third-person over-the-shoulder camera perspective. The mystery atmosphere of the game and the player’s requirement to look for materials are the origins of the stress. You’ll need to find ammunition, air and healing supplies, as well as nodes to unlock this game’s unique doors and improve your weapons while on your expedition.

But one of the game’s best mechanics is the zero-gravity element. Isaac can move around and fasten himself to iron walls thanks to this mechanism. The opponents gain some sort of speed increase as a result of this functionality. Well-designed puzzles are based on the zero-gravity portions. Give Dead Space a try if you’re looking for a tense and eerie third-person shooting game.

Third Person Shooters: The Best Video Game Review of All Time (NaijaGoal)

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Third-Person Shooters

The Uncharted franchise is regarded as one of Naughty Dog’s best. This franchise adopts familiar tropes from classic action-adventure titles. It features a realistic and refined world full of memorable characters and scenery. While all the Uncharted games have their pros and cons, the second entry is often regarded as the series’s best.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a follow-up to Drake’s Fortune and is set two years after the events in that game. Among Thieves follows Nathan Drake and Chole Frazer, who are looking for the entrance to the lost city of Shambhala. At Shambhala lies the legendary Cintamani Stone, a wish-fulfilling jewel. With a Serbian war criminal named Zoran Lazarević and his men on their tail, Nathan and Chole will be in for an exhilarating thrill ride of a lifetime. 

Among Thieves’ opener involving Nathan dangling off the edge of a cliff in a train car remains one of the most dramatic starts to any Uncharted game. This same adrenaline-pumping energy carries throughout most of the game’s events and never ceases to stop. There are some lighthearted moments sprinkled within its plot, but Among Thieves continuously drops wonderful twists and turns that are on par with its opening scene.

Among Thieves’s gameplay is top-notch. As Nathan, players can jump, climb, and scale narrow ledges and walls to reach certain points and destinations. You can equip up to two firearms and a limited supply of grenades. He can also pick up weapons, and gather additional ammunition from defeated does. There are also some stealth mechanics that allow Nathan to knock foes out in one hit or pull a foe over a ledge alongside him.

The puzzles in this game are well-designed and challenging. Not all puzzles feel difficult to complete, but there are some that will require you to ponder. Those who find themselves struggling with action-adventure game puzzles need not worry, though. This game features a wonderful hint system that will provide nifty clues to help you surpass these thought-provoking challenges.

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