Update!!! Kuda Card Now Work on Netflix and Amazon

Hey Guys,

The Issues kuda card users are having when it comes to Netflix subscription in Nigeria is now fixed.

Update!!! Kuda Card Now Work on Netflix and Amazon (NaijaGoal)

In their recent statement;

We’re starting the month with fantastic news:
You can now pay Netflix and Amazon Prime
Video subscriptions with a Kuda Visa Card!
We know it’s been a long time coming but it’s
also a good time considering that many local
cards can’t be used to pay those subscriptions
at the moment.

If you don’t have a Kuda Visa Card, this is a
good reason to request one on the app. You’ll
be able to use your card to buy apps and pay
for more subscriptions in the near future.
In other news, do you know that you can pay
with USSD on select POS terminals through
your Kuda app? Go to ATM & POS Payments
and follow the prompts.

Update!!! Kuda Card Now Work on Netflix and Amazon (NaijaGoal)

We’ll wrap up with a reminder that we’ve
launched the Kuda Business Visa card and the
Kuda Business mobile app for Android and iOS.
Business owners are always welcome to sign

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