Which Nigerian Skit Maker Would You Pay Off To Stop Making Skits If Possible?

Comedy is ranked the 3rd largest entertainment industry in Nigeria, with a net worth of over N50 billion.

Comedy Skit makers in Nigeria are currently making it big in the industry, even though some of them started skit-making with no intention to make a living off the craft.

Thanks to the internet, the Nigerian creative industry has accelerated, with a lot of talents gaining visibility over the years.

While some Nigerian celebrities leverage on their large social media following to venture into the art of skit making, there are some others who built strong social media following from the scratch through skit making.

Broda Shaggi, Mr Funny, Cute Abiola, Taaooma and Brain Jotter have been ranked as the top five Instagram Skit makers in Nigeria, a recent report by Dataleum, a global talent accelerator shows.

The report titled ‘The Skit Making Industry in Nigeria’ also cited Lasis Elenu, Kie Kie and Mr Macaroni as the bottom three on the list.

If there is one place where comedy thrives it’s Nigeria and it can only be done by Nigerians.

Over the years the comedy industry has moved from conventional standup laugh shows to digitally produced skit content.

However, there are some extra boring skit makers too. Those whose skits are not only boring but annoying.

So what would you say if you were asked,

Which Nigerian Skit Maker Would You Pay Off To Stop Making Skits If Possible?

Drop your comment below

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