Young Thug Tweet Photo Of Girlfriend Mariah The Scientist Despite RICO Case Row

Despite the fact that his social media actions are having a negative impact on his RICO case, Young Thug continues to be active on Twitter by tweeting a picture of his girlfriend Mariah The Scientist.

Young Thug seemed to be unsure about the judge’s ruling and the prosecution’s concern, days after Judge Ural Glanville imposed a broad ban on communications by the rapper, Gunna, and other YSL defendants in their Racketeering case.

After learning of Young Thug’s tweets and Instagram messages to Michael Phelps and other people last week, the judge tightened the restrictions on all of the defendants. Although Thug has asked a few innocent inquiries on Twitter, the judge and the prosecution both agreed that the rapper’s access to social media is a problem since he might use it for questionable purposes.

Young Thug Tweet Photo Of Girlfriend Mariah The Scientist Despite RICO Case Row (NaijaGoal)

Thug appears to be unaware of the consequences of the order he is subject to and nevertheless uses social media.

The rapper posted a picture of his girlfriend Mariah The Scientist on Monday along with a sexually provocative remark. Send me this picture, please. I’m trying to act quickly and correctly,” the Tweet stated.


The rapper also retweeted a Discord chat link from one of his followers. Last month, Thug popped up saying that he was having discussions with his “roommate” (cellmate), which hinted that the rapper has access to social media.

Thug’s attorney last week denied that he has access to social media. The attorney Brian Steel noted that police had searched the rapper’s cell but found no evidence of a cell phone, and the rapper did not have a cellmate as he was kept in solitary confinement.

It’s unclear if some other person has access to the rapper’s social media, but the posts resulted in deep problems for the rapper as the time his attorney has to work out the evidence against Thug is very limited.

Young Thug’s trial begins in January 2023, but Steel can only begin to share evidence from discovery after November 25. This means that the attorney has very little time to work through the rapper’s defense which might not be a good sign for his case as he is facing numerous charges in the racketeering indictment.

Judge Glanville stated during the hearing on September 8 that although the court is proceeding with “an abundance of caution for the time being,” the date for sharing material in discovery will not change.

After material revealed during discovery was leaked to a well-known internet blog, the judge initially granted the order in July. The prosecution claimed that because he and his children had received death threats, the witness in the paper needed to be under protection.

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